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( A Conversation With @marc.stealth For FIVEISM  Photo by@laurloncar)

For the first campaign images for FIVEISM x THREE, Global Creative Director Rie Omoto wanted to assemble a cast of 5 very different but equally compelling personalities who could represent and embody the different aspects of the brand’s philosophy and aesthetic values. She wanted to find iconic individuals who could inspire and act as role models for younger generations interested in expanding and improving their lives and experiences.

 It is important for Rie that FIVEISMxTHREE campaigns are not simply seasonal but rather based on serious concepts and ideas and this time she wanted to express “The Power Of Individuality” through the pictures and videos and the people she chose. The brand wants to convey some serious ideas about personal freedom and expression so some “serious” personalities were needed to do it.

 One of the first people she cast was the very charismatic and elegant Cory Alexander. Cory is much more than just a typical model, he is a serious singer and actor who has been appearing live on stage throughout the US and inevitably, the rest of the globe. You can find examples of  the very different kinds of performances he is capable of by following him on Instagram and searching for him on Youtube and the rest of the internet.

 We asked Rie what is was about Cory that made her want to work with him and choose him as an IKON and ambassador for the brand :

 “I have always loved David Bowie and he is a hero and big inspiration for FIVEISM and our style and philosophy. When I first saw Cory there was an obvious and powerful “cool” factor about him which really reminded me of Bowie : the way Cory moves and sings and even his fashion style is very much his own original thing but with an elegance that is similar to David on stage. He has the Bowie cool factor but also his own powerful individuality as well.

When I heard Cory sing and saw him move I knew we had to have him for our campaign.

He is a super cool guy with coolness inside as well as on the outside. He is intelligent and very aware and with a style and grace which a FIVEISM Ikon has to have. I loved working with him and cannot wait to shoot with him for the brand again.”

 We contacted Cory recently to ask more about who he is, what he is doing, his experience of working with FIVEISM and his thoughts on individuality and his own personal style.


Photo by @guanchenliustudio


FIVEISM: What is your NAME ?

CORY:My name is Cory Alexander.  @thecoryalexander

FIVEISM: Do you mind if I ask your AGE ? 

CORY:I am 23 years old. 


CORY:That’s a loaded question for me, actually. I was adopted. So, my ancestors are mostly Norwegian. But, my adoptive family is 100% Italian, and thats something I definitely identify with, a lot more. For me, its more of a cultural thing, the way you’re raised. 

Being adopted has been a huge advantage for me. My birth family was unable to give me the life they wanted, and made the smart and responsible decision to give me up for adoption. I’m incredibly grateful to them for giving me a better life. My adoptive family (I only use that term for clarity. They are just my family) is so supportive of me and have encouraged me to go after anything I want in life. I know many of my friends in the arts did not have a similar experience. Many parents want to protect their children from a career in the arts, due to the difficulties. But mine said go for it, and give it your all. I’m always happy to talk about being adopted. It is a beautiful part of who I am and the story I tell.

FIVEISM: Where do you LIVE and where are you from originally ?

CORY:I live in New York City. It has its ups and it’s downs. I’m exposed to so much life and culture every single day, but sometimes it can be too much. It’s important to escape frequently for me, to keep my sanity. 

I’m actually originally from New York. I grew up in the suburbs of NYC,  so I’ve really been exposed to that atmosphere my whole life. It was amazing having the  nature, peace and quiet as well as the culture of city life both at my disposal. 

FIVEISM: What is your occupation ?

CORY:I’m a singer and an actor. Modeling came later for me, and definitely I’ve grown to love the fashion industry. Singing has always been the thing that brought me to life, though. I also just began to write my own music, so stay tuned for some new material on my instagram. I’m currently collaborating with some musicians to record some of my music and perform it live. 

My style of music is still developing, but I’d say I draw musical inspiration from early 2000’s punk-rock music, classic rock music and contemporary indie-pop music.

FIVEISM: How  would you describe your own personal style ?

CORY:My personal style is constantly changing. It is a form of self expression above all things. I’ve never been much of a trend follower. I definitely beat to my own drum. Trendiness is not fashion to me, it is conformity. I would describe my style as rebellious and waggish, with a sleek refinement. 

FIVEISM : What is most important for you in life ?

Would you say that individuality and uniqueness are important for you ?

CORY:The most important thing to me in life is my inner circle. That includes my family and close friends. Needless to say, without those, I wouldn’t be where I am today. A support group is essential for me. I’m a people person, and don’t thrive on my own. Aside from that, my art is the most important thing to me. I was having a hard time recently, and someone said something to me, which put a bit of fire under my ass to keep going. They said, “If you’ve got a Picasso in your closet, sell the Picasso. Don’t try to find another way to make money. Use what you’ve got”. For me, the Picasso is my voice. So, I’m really focused on making music at the moment. 

FIVEISM: How do you express your individuality in daily life ? 

CORY:Two things. Externally, I dress to express myself. I also think on a much more human level, an expression of individuality happens in the way I interact with people on a daily basis. We are social creatures at the end of the day. The other way I express myself is through my art. 

I’m really inspired by the club kids of the 90’s and glam rock. My fashion definitely has a flashy aspect to it. Androgyny plays a big role in my fashion, as well. I’m also a huge fan of makeup. I love to play with a glamorous eye, or take things into a different world with something more theatrical or abstract. 

FIVEISM : What does “Fiveism” mean to you and how was your experience of “Fiveism” ?

CORY:My experience with “Fiveism” was wonderful. I love the movement for people to be more self expressive through. Cosmetics and fashion.  Each of the people  who were a part of my campaign were all so different and “Fiveism” really took note of our personalities and worked with us to create a great product.  

FIVEISM: Are there any people in your life that you consider an ikon ?

(Someone who inspires you and who you would like to be more like ?)

CORY:Raf Simons is my favorite designer. I think his point of view is so unique and clear. His work is instantly recognizable with every brand he has been attached to but most importantly, his own line. I love that Raf Simons plays with an avant-garde almost collage-like element with his designs and finds a way to pull it in so harmoniously with traditional or standard pieces in men’s fashion. One of my favorite pieces I’ve ever worn on set was an oversized letterman sweater-dress, tattered with a moth-eaten look. From his Fall 2016 collection. It is so rock and roll to me. But, my all time favorite is his Spring 2014 collection. The tip of the hat to pop-art and trippy element to the designs is so fascinating to me. Brings me so much joy.

Another person that I look up to is Ezra Miller. He is a wonderful actor and is so authentically himself. He is consistent and doesn’t bend for the industry. 

FIVEISM: To become more like your own ikon is there anything you would like to change about yourself ?

CORY:I wouldn’t change anything about myself. I don’t think that is a healthy way to look at life. I want to continue to learn and to grow over time. I want to evolve naturally. To change would be forceful. I don’t know where I am headed, but I want to allow that to happen organically. 

FIVEISM : Do you have any advice about how to find success in daily life ?

CORY:Mental health is very important. Take care of yourself,  first and foremost. It’s hard to do anything, really, if you aren’t taking care of yourself. 

FIVEISM: Do you have any message for your new “FIVEISM” admirers ?

CORY:Thank you all for your interest and such a wonderful response to my work with “Fiveism”. Please keep up to date with the nexts steps of my career on my instagram, @thecoryalexander

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